Prime Spectrum provides a wide range of environmental management services to support clients in various industries. From mining projects to local waste management initiatives, Prime Spectrum uses expert knowledge grounded in scientific analysis to identify best practices which add value to your projects and reduce risk.

Prime Spectrum’s technical experts can assist you with the preparation of environmental permits and approvals, the development and maintenance of environmental management systems and the completion of environmental audits.

Prime Spectrum has the flexibility to address the unique circumstances of your project through specialized services in areas such as Environment sampling laboratory analysis, Environmental studies, Oil Spillage, Intervention, Pollution Monitoring & Compliance, Geo-technical & Geophysical Studies, Clean-Up and Remediation and Supply of Oil Absorbents

The diverse skill set from our multidisciplinary team can add value to your project by incorporating best practices and innovative environmental solutions. PrimeSpectrum strives to work collaboratively with clients to deliver sustainable projects.